A company to help promote a website or store online with maintenance

Various packages in website creation or reconstructionand SEO website optimizationRental and creation of websites and stores with maintenance - we create, maintain and SEO optimize a website or store for companies


Web hosting or web server for a website or maintenance store


We start creating a website with your business and its growth in mind, so we create a website that highlights your strengths, provides a wonderful user experience and convinces visitors that you are the right choice.


REB, podjetje za trgovino in storitve d.o.o.

REB- a center for web development and consulting The project begins with a conversation about your business, as this is the only way we can examine what you do, what industry you are in and who your competition is. We also find out what is best for your business. Is it making or. redesign a website or store and which channel is best suited to promote your business.
We are a team of dedicated programmers, designers who take care of a better (web) world, SEO experts, marketing enthusiasts and a boss who makes sure that new interesting projects never run out.
We believe in simple (MINIMAL) website design. The minimal design of the website allows for greater transparency and a better user experience. A website with a simple or minimal design is also more search engine friendly and thus ranks better on search engines.
We would like to give you some reasons why you should decide to make a website with us!
Our goal is to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different agencies, business and business proposals. We are a company that offers its clients all the services for solving problems and planning strategies for web presentation
The main goal is to promote your business online to the right people, we will bring your company closer to them, to the extent that they will trust you, then become customers and finally the promoters of your business.
Website design packages are suitable for small as well as medium and large businesses as they contain everything a professional and sales efficient website or store needs.
We also offer web hosting or a web server with an SSL certificate for the website. We offer assistance in learning computer or online skills.
The website is in many cases your first impression with the customer, so do your best and think carefully about how you will present yourself to them and how you can help them. Let your imagination run wild when creating a website. SEO Optimize your website. Trust that your initial investment will be recouped.
Consulting, technical support and advertising of a website or shop. We help you design, set up and launch a website or store. We ensure greater success through effective advertising and promotion.

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Due to the increased number of e-mail inquiries, it may take longer for us to respond to your e-mail, so we encourage you to contact us by phone. + 386 69 939 324. Whether you are interested in general information or price list information - At REB, podjetje za trgovino in storitve d.o.o. we are ready to answer all your questions. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

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REB, podjetje za trgovino in storitve d.o.o.

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COMPANY - A company to help promote a website or store online with maintenance


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