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Custom design and optimization of websites, stores and applications. Based on a deep consumer understanding, we offer a full service, from design to page creation. The investment in creating a website largely depends on the scope of your content and the functionality you need.


Do you find making websites too expensive? Don't believe in the internet and its benefits? Would you like to break down the costs on a monthly basis?
If you answered 3x YES, then renting a website is for you.
What does renting a website look like?

online business card / basic presentation / advanced presentation / online store / advanced online store). This will form the base price of the monthly rent.

If you don't like the redesign, you have the following options:

a) logo replacement and minimal color corrections

b) major color corrections and graphic adjustments

c) Fully customized graphical interface according to your CGP

Once you have selected the package and the graphic template, the final price of the project is determined by the monthly rental of the website.
From here, there are no more hidden costs. They also contain a limited number of hours of support depending on the selected package.

Once your website starts to generate traffic, you can later opt for upgrades:

a) Website optimization
b) upgrade functionality
c) buying a website (buying a website means that from that moment on you have no more monthly costs, you are left with only the minimum annual cost of renewing the domain and hosting the website).

Are you interested in a website rental offer? Contact us and we will find the best solution for you.

Thinking of making or renting a website? I am sure you are looking for an online service provider who will offer you a quality website that is beautifully designed, you will be able to edit it and it will generate as many inquiries as possible online. What about security? In this article, we would like to draw your attention to the problems that may arise some time after the creation of the website
On a daily basis, we receive calls from companies that face the following problems:

The website is harder to edit than they thought
their agency refuses to help them edit the page, except for a fee,
the manufacturer does not contact them, or is abroad and unavailable to them,
someone has hacked into the website and they are left to fend for themselves, due to ignorance of a tool (e.g. WordPress editor) their website has disappeared,
their website should be updated, but they are left to their own devices,
They would like to upgrade their website, but they do not have a partner to help them, there are no buzzers on the website, etc.

The reasons for such situations are different - either they created the website in WordPress or in another open source system, or they concluded a cooperation with a bad agency, a friend, an acquaintance who is not skilled in web programming. But let it be perfectly clear that the reality is this - other than paying a subscription to a website, rarely will anyone deal with your problems on the website other than for a fee.

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