Renting a website with maintenance - from €10 per month without binding and hidden costs

Website rental with maintenance - we create, maintain and SEO-optimize websites for companies

Website rental with maintenance at an affordable price

You are just a click to the new website!

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Online shop rental - Special offer only 35 € per month without binding and hidden costs



Testiranje business ideas from MINIMALNIMI costos!

In the company REB d.o.o. we have created our own CMS SaaS platform, which is available for rent. It is a high-quality website that is designed to generate high conversion rates. It includes all the functions you need from a website today, it is designed in a modern and attractive way, and it is very easy to use.

You can rent a site with maintenance from us at a ridiculously low price, from €25 VAT per month. No hidden costs!

Why do we recommend renting a website with maintenance?

- Ker is your cost of creating a website minimal
- Poznani so vam leti svetni svetnosti
- We will arrange your domain registration
- We will arrange your web hosting
- You have arranged the maintenance of the website during the contract period
- The website can also be purchased.

Renting a website is usually decided by entrepreneurs who are not yet ready for major investments in the initial phase of setting up a new business, as setting up their own website certainly is. Renting a website brings certain advantages compared to buying your own website.

You have a business idea, but you are not 100% convinced yet, but it is wise to invest a lot of money in your new business venture at the very beginning

Seclude yourself from renting a website in testirajte trg with minimal costs and minimal risk. ✅

We offer you:
✔️ modernly designed website

✔️ website adapted to all mobile axes

✔️ quick and easy to use

✔️ custom adaptability

✔️ with the possibility of later purchase

✔️ unlimited subpage

✔️ multilingual

✔️ Creation of websites without restrictions on menus, pictures, videos, ...

✔️ Adapt the website for mobile devices

✔️ Pictures, video, audio, galleries, slideshow

✔️ Forms, online reservations

✔️ Facebook, twitter and gumbe ter connection social networks

✔️ Blog

✔️ On-site optimization (SEO) and search engine entry (Google, Bing,

✔️ Maps

✔️ Website maintenance

✔️ Web domain

✔️ visit statistics

✔️ compliance with legal requirements

✔️ support via phone, e-mail

✔️ own domain, unlimited email addresses, 3GB of web space

✔️ no hidden costs, the price covers all operating costs

✔️ no binding

✔️ posted in 5-35 working days

Anyone interested in hiring a professional, modernly designed website will find the contact form below on the page for obtaining an offer.

Network security in the first place

SSL certificate is a digital certificate that allows encoding of data between the server and the client via a cooking protocol.

The SSL certificate encrypts the connection, so malicious programs cannot intercept the data transmitted between the website and visitors.


Website rental. No binding!

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Th. subpages Strežnik Free supportRental price per monthRental price for the summer
up to 2shared 0.2 GB space from ∞ data transfer, 3 email titles 1h/month€25 from VAT€250 from VAT
up to 5shared 0, 3 GB space with ∞ data transfer, 3 email titles1h/month€35 from VAT€350 from VAT
up to 10shared 0.5 GB of space from ∞ data transfer, 3 email addresses 1h/month€450 including VAT
up to 20shared 1 GB space from ∞ data transfer, 5 email addresses 2h/month€75 including VAT€750 including VAT
20- avreby agreementby agreementby agreementby agreement

The web site will be built in the selected language for free, the installation of the additional language is €175 from VAT (enkratno palitcije), the translation of your page text will be provided to us by you.

For the first payment, the payment is made for 12 months (1 summer) in advance!

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