Creating or renting and maintaining websites or an online store at a good price

Rental or creation of websites and stores with maintenance - we create and SEO optimize a website or store for companies at a good price

On the website, we present our services and describe the process and the difference between creating a website or renting and maintaining websites and stores.

REB - center for web development and consulting. Creation of websites, stores and applications with maintenance to order



REB - creation, or rental and maintenance and SEO, SEM, SMM optimization of a website or store

Rent or build a website or store with maintenance | Hosting, domain, SSL certificate, website creation, SaaS CMS PRO, maintenance, help and support.

Creation or rental and optimization of websites, shops and applications with regular maintenance upon request. Based on a deep understanding of the consumer, we offer a complete service, from design to website creation and its regular maintenance in the form of website rental with maintenance. In most cases, the investment in creating a website largely depends on the volume of your content and the desired functionalities you need on the website, and you will probably be charged accordingly. We offer you a simple solution in the form of annual payment of costs at a very reasonable price and we also offer you free monthly website or store maintenance.
Creating a website is the first step to a successful online business, so it must be really top notch. The creation of websites is the work of professionals who are qualified for this, if you want to achieve a result that will help you to have a successful business and greater visibility online, or the internet.
Rental of websites or stores with maintenance at a good price

Do you think website development is too expensive?
Do you believe in the Internet and its benefits?
Would you like to break down the costs on a monthly basis?

If you answered YES 3 times, then renting a website with maintenance is for you!

What does renting a website with maintenance even look like?
You can choose from various preset technical sets of implementations (online business card / basic presentation / advanced presentation / online store / advanced online store). This will form the basic price of the monthly rental.

If you do not like the renewed graphic draft, you have the following option:

- replacement of the logo and minimal color corrections
- major color corrections and graphic adjustments
- completely adjusted graphic interface according to your CGP or your graphic template
Once you have selected the package and the graphic template, the final price of the project is fixed monthly rental of the website with maintenance.
From here on, there are no more hidden costs. All packages include a certain number of hours of support and maintenance depending on the selected package.

When your website starts to generate traffic, you can later decide on upgrades:

a) optimization of the website

b) functionality upgrade

c) buying a website (buying a website means that from that moment on you have no more monthly costs, you only have the minimum annual cost of renewing the domain and hosting the websites).

Are you interested in the website rental offer with maintenance?
Contact us and we will find the best solution for you!

Thinking about building or renting a website with maintenance?
I am sure that you are looking for a web service provider that will offer you a quality website that is beautifully designed, that offers website maintenance and that you will be able to edit it yourself, and that it will generate as many visits and inquiries as possible online.

What about security?
In this article, we would like to warn you about problems that may arise some time after the creation of the website itself, if you create it yourself or if someone creates it for you for a one-time fee and does not offer regular maintenance and SEO optimization.

On a daily basis, we receive calls from companies facing the following problems:

- the website is more difficult to edit than they thought,
- their agency refuses to help them edit the page, except for a fee, which in most cases is not cheap,
- the manufacturer does not contact them, or is abroad and unreachable for them,
- the website has been hacked by someone and they are left to fend for themselves, due to lack of knowledge of the tool (e.g. WordPress editor) their website has disappeared or is not working properly,
- their website should be updated or improved, but they are left to themselves,
- they would like to upgrade their website, but they have no one to help them,
- the website is not visible on Google
- noise cancellers, etc. do not work on the website.

The reasons for such situations are different - either they created their website in WordPress or another open source system, or they entered into cooperation with a bad agency, a friend, an acquaintance who is not skilled in web programming. But let's make it abundantly clear that the reality is this - unless you pay a subscription or large sums for online programming, rarely will anyone deal with your problems on a website or in a store on a regular basis.

Price list for renting an online store with maintenance:

Price list for website rental with maintenance:

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